Play To Their Strengths

Play To Their Strengths: A New Approach to Parenting Your Kids as God Made Them is about helping good parents be great parents by shifting the focus to what’s right with our kids, instead of what is wrong with them. It’s about restoring joy to the parents experiencing frustration with themselves or with their kids by taking the pressure of performance and comparison off of their shoulders. Based in the belief that every child has God-given greatness within them, this book shows us how to move with the natural momentum of our kids talents and make the shift to a collaborative, strengths based and motivational approach to parenting.  The powerful results experienced by this shift can be seen in the shining eyes of our children and their parents.

What makes this book particularly unique is the Playbook found in the back that equips parents to actually put into practice the ideas shared throughout the chapters of Play To Their Strengths. Answer questions and engage in activities with your spouse and kids to really uncover talent, discover greatness, and stay fascinated with your child. The Playbook makes great advice personal as you can immediately apply it to the unique family dynamics in your home.


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Includes Play to Their Strengths Book, Playbook Journal, Two Wrist Bands, Bookmark and Pen


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Play to Their Strengths GROUP PACK - $175.00

Includes Five Play to Their Strengths books, Five Playbook Journals, Ten Wrist Bands, Five Bookmarks, Five Pens, PLUS: “Play to Their Strengths” Video Series with Group Leader Guide (Videos series available via DVD or web streaming)

Book Reviews for Play to Their Strengths:

"This book is a powerful and empowering read for any parent who wants to bring out the God given gifts in their child. The authors bring together psychological science and Christian faith in a beautiful way. The stories are inspiring and the practical tips help us introduce strengths into everyday family life. This book is a true treasure for all parents and, thus, for their children." ~Dr Lea Waters (PhD), Psychologist and Author of The Strength Switch: How the new science of strength-based parenting can help your child and your teen to flourish (Australia)

Play to their Strengths brings a fresh perspective to parenting by helping you identify your child’s strengths and help them become all that God intends for them to be. Brandon and Analyn Miller are not talking theory, they have seven kids of their own! Play to their Strengths will help you be a better parent and your child become the best they can be. ~Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor - Community Christian Church, Author of, Hero Maker: 5 Essential Practices for Leaders to Multiply Leaders (Chicago)

“This book is a must-read for parents who want to help their children grow their strengths! With 7 kids, Brandon and Analyn truly understand the dreams that parents have for their children and the challenges that parents go through. Through this book, they shared their Strengths-Based Parenting approach with clear illustrations of the principles they embrace and practical tips. The tools provided in the book will be a invaluable toolkit for all parents.” ~Victor Seet, Founder: StrengthsSchool™ World's 1st Gold Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach (Singapore)

“In this age of parenting the perfect child and the stress that goal brings upon all parties, this tremendously powerful resource offers a quieter, stronger, more effective approach. Become friends with this book and listen to its wisdom. One of my favorite lines is: “Who is this child and how do we parent her to become who God made her to be?” Ask yourself what kind of life you would have had if your parents had adopted that approach! The chapters and parenting playbook are remarkable and entertaining – get your highlighter out and mark those ideas that resonate with you. Think about how they apply to your family – your children, nieces or nephews, or grandchildren. Then, put them to work and experience for yourself how everything changes. Your kids will love you for it. I promise.”  Maureen Electa Monte, Author of Destination Unstoppable; The Journey of No Teammate Left Behind (Michigan)

"We must be the loudest voice in our children's lives reminding them that they were crafted in detail by God for Greatness. - say authors of one of the best parenting books ever. It is a genuine conversation with the Miller family you cannot stop relating to. Full of divine wisdom, inspiration and practical frameworks, this book educates, inspires and guides you to your best self in parenting. Every believer who is also a parent should read this book." ~Taisja Laudy (Poland)

“Not only does this book encourage us to change our perspective and stop trying to shape our children into some image of us, but it gives us practical suggestions, ideas and inspiration for how to do that.  Read this book, share it with your spouse, celebrate it with your children and change your family. The Miller’s “exchange frustration for fascination” could be a mantra for us as parents. Switch from judging, shaping, and molding, to discovering, celebrating, and sharing.  Brandon and Analyn aren’t promising easy parenting…just parenting that is more fulfilling and just plain more successful.” ~ Dr. Paul Porter, Professor, Former School Superintendent, Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coach (California)

“Brandon's and Analyn's advice and tools provided in Play to Their Strengths are indispensable for every parent wanting the best for their children. It will give you the mindset and the tools to not just watch for those shining eyes Analyn and Brandon write about, but create a world in which your kids get resilience, grit and happiness – which is the ultimate legacy we truly want to leave for our children. I loved every single page of this book and experienced more than a handful of powerful mindset changing moments which has already affected the relationship with my kids.” ~ Dr. Peter Baloh, Partner and Senior Consultant, e2Grow (Slovenia)

“This is a fantastic book for new and old parents alike. The Millers have skillfully combined their strong faith, their love of family, and their belief in strengths to create a powerful "how-to" book for parents who want to bring out the best in their kids and themselves.  ~Sara Robinson, Author of Unstuck at Last: Using Your Strengths to Get What You Want (Indiana)

"If you’re frustrated and irritated at your kids all the time, there may be something deeper for you to discover. What would it be like for you if you could identify your child’s natural talents and fall in love with who they were born to be? And what if you could uncover their mission and the calling on their life and encourage and nurture them along the way? Sounds like a lofty idea, almost impossible to attain -- until you read Play to Their Strengths. The methods and strategies in this amazing book by Brandon and Analyn Miller are timely and relevant for any generation and any family. Finally!" ~ Rhonda Knight Boyle, Author of Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation (Oklahoma)

“While reading Play to Their Strengths, all I could think about was how fast I wanted to give a copy to my son and daughter-in-law as new parents of my 1st grandchild.  Who wouldn’t want to learn parenting wisdom from Brandon and Analyn who have played to the strengths of their seven children?” ~ Brent O’Bannon, Author of Let’s Talk Strengths (Texas)

“I can’t wait to buy, share, and recommend this book to my clients and friends! It is the confirmation of what I believe – with all the scripture to prove it!  It also provokes great conversations with my husband. I think it is not enough to read this book once, I’ll read it again and highlight more insights. This book is a game changer!” ~Nicole Seichter, Author of Enjoy: A New Approach to Stress and Burnout Prevention (Germany)

“Brandon and Analyn Miller give an unfiltered look at parenting of their seven children! They have captured with their vivid storytelling the ups and downs of guiding their children and tapping into their God-given talents and greatness. You will laugh, you will reflect, you will be inspired! The Millers give many practical ideas for parents (and grandparents) on how to encourage our children to use their strengths in order to become the best version of themselves. As a seasoned, Christian faith-based coach, giving parenting workshops on strengths-based parenting, I highly recommend this book. Children are all unique, they are “fearfully, wonderfully made”, the Millers share how to recognize and foster the gifts and potential of each of their children through strengths-based parenting. Brandon and Analyn don’t leave you with just great stories, they provide a playbook to help each reader find the right strategy for their family.” ~ Kathie Gautille – Author, Christian Faith-Based Coach

"Play to Their Strengths a must read for anyone wanting to deepen their relationship with a child in their life.  The Millers not only have "street cred" as parents of seven children, they share an actionable model that just makes sense!  This book cuts through all the parenting myths that burden and confuse us and shows practical ways to nurture our children’s natural gifts and talents. As a Strengths Expert and mother of three teenagers, I highly recommend this book.” ~ Sara Regan, CEO Strengths Now and Author of, Strengths Boost: Partnering for Success (Massachusetts)

“Does it sometimes feel like parenting is a challenge? Brandon and Analyn Miller masterfully and transparently share the tales of raising 7 children in a way that immediately provides actionable takeaways for any parent.  Play to their Strengths is chock-full of tactical, relatable, and tangible steps that parents of any age, or faith, in any season of parenting, can start implementing immediately for real sustainable impact on that sacred relationship.  It takes parents back to the pure potential that resides in each of their children AND in them as parents. The true effect captured in these pages will be measured for generations to come.” ~ Darren Virassammy, COO and Co-founder of 34 Strong, Inc. (California)

“What a beautiful work! Even as a seasoned strengths coach, I am inspired anew! As a parent, I was humbled, challenged, reassured and renewed. I laughed, pondered and reflected. Brandon and Analyns understanding of strengths and their insights and sense of humor in sharing their life experiences within their family make it all applicable. I especially appreciated the Parents Playbook with every day, realistic and best of all FUN things to do and share with your family as you begin a new 'strengths aware' parenting lifestyle. This book is a gift and a guide for any parent, grandparent, teacher, mentor, or anyone who inspires to make the world a better place through the love and care of our young people. The Miller’s really understand the secret to great parenting. And this book makes it accessible to all of us. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!”  ~ Nancy Merrick, Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coach (Nebraska)

“Yes! This power-packed book will help you partner with God to release the calling and strengths within your children. You’ll get a language to talk with your children about their uniqueness and practical activities to walk it out. Every parent who is serious about raising children to be whom God made them to be ought to read this book!” ~ Chris Heinz, Author of Made to Pray, Founder at Munyay (Pennsylvania)

“There might not be one right way to parent, but there is a strong way. This book introduces an approach to parenting that is guaranteed to increase the love and reduce the stress and conflict in our homes.  I am sharing it with people I hold dear--my friends and family. I'm hoping that it will help them the way it has helped me.” ~ Ryan Darby, PhD, (Oregon)

“This book is written with 100% heart and zero pretense that parenting is an easy task.  Brandon and Analyn give you the permission to take the role of "discoverer," instead of "expert," of what is best for your unique child(ren).  Real, honest stories and Holy Scripture make the playbook a refreshing and inspiring companion on this parenting journey.” ~ Kathy Kerston, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, (Texas)

“Congratulations to Brandon and Analyn for sharing insights from decades of strengths-based parenting of their children. Brandon and Analyn model a strengths-based partnership and share tactical tips and tales from the trenches of their own experience. While the book is decidedly faith-based, there are actionable tools here that can help equip any parent's toolbox.” ~ Mary Sue Ingraham, J. D. Leadership and Team Consultant (Arizona)

“This engaging book provides a comprehensive playbook for positive and measurable results for the whole family. Read this book , follow it guidance , and you will achieve more as a family. You can read this book again and again.” ~ Johan Oosthuizen, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach (South Africa)

“This book is captivating and very useful for parents. Even though I am already very much aware of building on strengths and giving strengths-based feedback, Brandon and Analyn give some very clear examples and summaries that made me realize how many mistakes we, as parents, make in developing our kids.  This book is very useful to give our kids an advantage by helping us parents start our kids young in knowing their strengths!” ~ Irma Dekking, CEO Strengths Company (Netherlands)

“As a working mom of two teen boys forever seeking ways to reduce the level of frustration in my home and be a better parent, this book is a lifeline. Pulling together key insights from the field of strengths-based development, compelling Christian scripture, and their own rich and wise parenting insights, Analyn and Brandon Miller have provided us with a winning playbook for how to become an intentional, strengths-focused parent. With seven children of their own, the authors know first-hand ‘how tough it is to parent when your kid’s lack of maturity and development undermines their strengths and creates obstacles and pain.’ They also know what to do about it. With clear, practical advice and actionable suggestions, they graciously open the door to their home so we can learn from their journey of becoming a strengths-based family. This book teaches us an “uncommon way” to parent. One that not only is vastly different from conventional approaches to development but also truly supports our children to be who they are and who they are meant to be; not who we think they should be.” ~ Alicia Santamaria, CEO, Adelante Coaching + Consulting (California)

“Asking your kids, ‘What’s strong with you?’ instead of asking, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ is a huge shift in parenting that the Millers invite parents to consider.  They encourage us to go from frustration to fascination with our kids by committing to stay in discovery mode and learn the best way to parent them. Imagine if we all had the gift of parents who had an intentional focus on our strengths instead of a focus on our deficits?  It excites me to think of the amount of families that could experience restoration by parenting with these powerful tools!” ~ Sandie Haskins, Pastor of Community at Emmaus Church Community, ICF certified coach at Take 5 Strengths Coaching (California)

“Focused and filled with vivid storytelling, the words of Brandon and Analyn Miller bring strengths-based parenting into clear view. Undoubtedly, a refreshing lens for affirming, honoring and empowering the best in children.” ~ Adriane Massey, Strengths Zone (Georgia)

"There is a better way to raise our children! Play to their Strengths is such a powerful book for all parents, grandparents and carers. No matter what stage of your parenting journey, the insights, tips and activities will help you identify and support the natural strengths of your children, helping them be the best versions of themselves. An inspiring read, full of different perspectives and stories." ~ Murray Guest, Author of Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation, CEO at Inspire My Business (Australia)