It's time to discover your PARENTING STRENGTHS! IncredibleParents will help you to identify a few of the natural abilities you bring to your home and family. By taking this assessment, you will begin the journey of parenting to your strengths and becoming the IncredibleParent you were meant to be! You can learn more about IncredibleParents in Ch. 7 of Play to Their Strengths (pg. 187 in the Playbook).

Instructions for taking INCREDIBLEPARENTS Assessment

This assessment is designed to give you clues to your Parenting Strengths. The statements you will read describe situations or activities you might do as a parent. Evaluate whether the activity would make you FEEL STRONG. Rate the statement on a scale from 'Strongly Disagree' to 'Strongly Agree'. As you are taking the assessment, remember the 5 Es--when you feel strong, you tend to feel enthusiasm, ease, excellence, energy, and enjoyment.