It Takes IncredibleParents to Raise IncredibleKids

You’ve just uncovered your unique IncredibleParent strengths, now is the time to build strong parenting habits to really grow in all that makes you an INCREDIBLE parent! Parenting is tough, on some days, more than tough. What better way to grow as a parent than to master the art of Strengths-Based Parenting by learning your “super” and applying it to your everyday parenting?

The IncredibleParents online training program will bring out the best in your parenting. In this course, you will learn and develop your parenting strengths and develop strong parenting habits that are guaranteed to bring more happiness and joy into your parenting and home.This course will help you develop a stronger sense of how to apply the principles we outline in Play to Their Strengths in your own home.


IncredibleParents Online Training Program

Become the Incredible Parent You Were Always Meant to Be!


“Brandon and Analyn Miller give an unfiltered look at parenting of their seven children! They have captured with their vivid storytelling the ups and downs of guiding their children and tapping into their God-given talents and greatness. You will laugh, you will reflect, you will be inspired! The Millers give many practical ideas for parents (and grandparents) on how to encourage our children to use their strengths in order to become the best version of themselves. ... Children are all unique, they are “fearfully, wonderfully made”, the Millers share how to recognize and foster the gifts and potential of each of their children through strengths-based parenting. Brandon and Analyn don’t leave you with just great stories, they provide a playbook to help each reader find the right strategy for their family.”

- Kathie Gautille, Author, Christian Faith-Based Coach 

“In this age of parenting the perfect child and the stress that goal brings upon all parties, this tremendously powerful resource offers a quieter, stronger, more effective approach. Become friends with this book and listen to its wisdom. One of my favorite lines is: “Who is this child and how do we parent her to become who God made her to be?” Ask yourself what kind of life you would have had if your parents had adopted that approach! The chapters and parenting playbook are remarkable and entertaining – get your highlighter out and mark those ideas that resonate with you. Think about how they apply to your family – your children, nieces or nephews, or grandchildren. Then, put them to work and experience for yourself how everything changes. Your kids will love you for it. I promise.” 

-Maureen Electa Monte, Author of Destination Unstoppable; The Journey of No Teammate Left Behind (Michigan) 

Do You Want to Become an IncredibleParent? We can help.

In this online course, you will receive:

  • Access to the “Play to Their Strengths” online course with over two hours of unique video content to help you unlock your parenting strengths and apply them to your parenting journey.

  • Downloadable Play to Their Strengths Playbook Journal – over 30 pages of additional content

  • Access to the IncredibleParents app – your personal digital coach—to guide you on your IncredibleParent journey.

  • Receive regular reminders to keep you on track as you develop your parenting strengths and raise your IncredibleKids

  • Build stronger parenting habits, track and monitor your personal progress, discover insights into your parenting and relationships, journal your journey, create accountability for your parenting goals, and more.

  • Monthly, no-obligation, commitment - start or stop at any time.

All this for just $9/month



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