Learn How to Play To Their Strengths Every Day

You only get 936 weeks with your child living under your roof before they turn 18. Before you know it, they will be out of the house and living their own life. Help them become successful, happy people by playing to their strengths TODAY and EVERY DAY! In the IncredibleKids Online Training Program you will learn how to bring out the best in your child and fully take advantage of every moment you have with them.


IncredibleKids Online Training Program

Engage the incredible in your kid and help them play to their strengths every day!


“What a beautiful work! Even as a seasoned strengths coach, I am inspired anew! As a parent, I was humbled, challenged, reassured and renewed. I laughed, pondered and reflected. Brandon and Analyn’s understanding of strengths and their insights and sense of humor in sharing their life experiences within their family make it all applicable. I especially appreciated the Parents Playbook with every day, realistic and best of all FUN things to do and share with your family as you begin a new 'strengths aware' parenting lifestyle."

- Nancy Merrick, Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coach (Nebraska)

“Does it sometimes feel like parenting is a challenge? Brandon and Analyn Miller masterfully and transparently share the tales of raising 7 children in a way that immediately provides actionable takeaways for any parent.  Play to their Strengths is chock-full of tactical, relatable, and tangible steps that parents of any age, or faith, in any season of parenting, can start implementing immediately for real sustainable impact on that sacred relationship.  It takes parents back to the pure potential that resides in each of their children AND in them as parents. "

-Darren Virassammy, COO and Co-founder of 34 Strong, Inc. (California)

Learn How to Focus On What Is Right With Your Kids and Become the Parent Your Child Wants and Needs

In this online course, you will receive:

  • Access to the “Play to Their Strengths” online video course with over two hours of unique video content to help you see the Incredible in your kid.

  • Downloadable Playbook Journal – over 30 pages of additional content

  • Access to the IncredibleKids app – your personal digital coach—to guide you on your IncredibleKid journey.

  • Receive regular reminders to keep you on track as you develop your parenting strengths and raise your IncredibleKids

  • Build stronger parenting habits, track and monitor your personal progress, discover insights into your parenting and relationships, journal your journey, create accountability for your parenting goals, and more.

  • Monthly, no-obligation, commitment - start or stop at any time.

All this for just $9/month



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