Start the Year Strong Part 5: Setting Goals & Establishing Affirmations

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We decided to carve out some time this month as a family for each person to consider where they are now and where they want to be at the end of 2019. Brandon and I had done this personally but wanted to extend the exercise to our children. So, we gave them each a worksheet to provoke discussion around what they want to accomplish this year. We have each child write at least ten goals for the year. Over dinner, we all shared our goals and the family came up with ideas and strategies on how each person could reach their goals for the year. It was a great way to foster support and excitement - particularly among the siblings - for each other’s goals.

Next, we challenged the children to create affirmation statements to declare over themselves this year. Affirmations foster faith every time they are spoken or read. Each year, I (Analyn) establish affirmation statements for myself and write them on my mirror in lipstick to remember them as I get ready each morning. As a family, we discussed the power of affirmations with the kids and thought through different declarations each one could consider. On the same worksheet, we provided space for them to write their assertions.

At the appointed time (about a week later), we collected their draft worksheets and went over their goals and affirmations with each child individually. Once we settled on their list, Brandon spent time typing up the goals and affirmations for each of them so they could post them in their room.

As strengths-based parents, we know our part is to help our kids reach for their goals using their strengths every day. As we keep tabs on their progress, we will be able to discuss their goals in light of their strengths and make mid-year corrections as necessary. Additionally, the siblings are able to intentionally encouraged each other through the year and remind them of their affirmations on hard days.  This kind of transparency and support within a family dynamic helps reinforce a strengths-based home culture.

We believe this exercise is a powerful way to start the year strong. We welcome you to engage with your school-aged-kids and older around the table and discover what dreams are budding in your children’s hearts. Below is an example of David's goals and affirmations.

Here is to a Strong Year!

david affirmations.PNG

Brandon Miller